Friday, April 06, 2007

my simulated reality tv life: episode twenty-one

Hey, hey! We're glad you tuned in to join us for this special Easter holiday weekend edition of My Simulated Reality TV Life, the simulated reality series that's infinity-times better than the religious holiday itself! Miss the last episode? Click here for a rerun. New to the series? Click here to start at the very beginning or check out the the left side of this page for links to all of the old episodes. Wait no longer - because tonight's episode begins now!

Bridgette struggles with Easter dinner, somehow managing to scorch a bag of frozen peas. Awww, poor Bridgette - she looks so sad!

Episode Twenty-One
Easter is always a fun holiday, filled with good stuff like eggs, chocolate, and furry bunnies. But the best part about Easter? The gluttony, of course. Mmmm, gluttony.

This year in simulated Felix's household, wife Bridgette has taken it upon herself to cook up a fabulous Easter feast. Awesome! Except there's one problem: simulated Felix is the star cook in the family (see Episode Four for evidence) and it soon becomes apparent that Bridgette is in over her head. First, she somehow manages to burn the frozen peas ... then, she forgets the potatoes in the mashed potatoes ... and, by the time the Easter ham is done ... well, let's just the say it comes out looking like a football - a very well-done football. Oh no!

Fortunately, simulated Felix, Bridgette, and Felicia are no slaves to tradition and, without hesitation, they dial for a delivered pizza. Extra rabbit, please!

Until next episode, the cast and crew of My Simulated Reality TV Life wish you all a happy and gluttonous Easter!

Happy pagans simulated Felix and Bridgette start a new Easter tradition: strip darts. Simulated Felix's absence of clothed cover, the badly missed dart in the wall, and Bridgette's hand-clapping glee all suggest simulated Felix is losing this sexy battle.

Some simulated math: strip darts + Easter spring fever = ... oh, here we go, simulated Felix and Bridgette are at it, again! Hey, is that steam rising from their bed? Wow, those two are simulated machines.

Felicia plays "cops and robbers" with a schoolyard chum. I'm pretty sure Felicia's the cop because the bowl cut on that other kid is just plain criminal. Sweet Jeebus! Somebody crucify that haircut!

"Of course a whale is a fish, what else would it be?" Oh dear. Looks like Felicia picked the wrong parent to help her with her homework.

Simulated -c to simulated Felix: "Just think, once we become travel writers, we'll make bags of money and be rich, rich, rich!!"

Felicia's teddy bear explains his Good Friday to Bridgette: "As if getting arrested wasn't bad enough, now I have this horrible, horrible rash."


  1. The bear ... that naughty, naughty bear! You have out done yourself once again! Bowl cut ... so awesome!

  2. Happy bunnies, chocolate and dyed eggs Day! Hope you eat til you pop!! :)

  3. strip darts and burnt peas! It's an Easter to remember. :)

  4. mmmmmmmmm ... Thanks! Everyone loves Felicia's bear!

    Stagecrafty ... Happy Easter to you, too! (And you'll be glad to know that, yes, I did eat until I almost popped).

    Katie ... Now you know - it's not Easter unless there's strip darts, burnt peas, and Felicia's teddy bear. :-)

  5. The bowl cut is least the parents saved some money hopefully to buy the kids some friends...

  6. mmm.. rabbit pizza!
    Though it's very rare, I hear you get seven years good luck if you get a full furry foot on your medium cheese.

  7. H & K ... you know, I think bowl cuts are coming back into style. Look for them on runways of Paris and Milan, starting this fall.

    -c ... rabbit pizza ... terrific idea! A question, though: if you get two furry rabbit feet on the same slice, do you get twice the luck or do they just cancel one another out? One of the universe's great, unsolved mysteries.