Tuesday, April 10, 2007

730 days of sea stars and checkered battercakes

Every time I finish up another post here on starfish and waffles, I wonder if it'll be the last ... if I've finally run out of pictures to show and words to write. But two years later, we're still motoring along ... and we're happy you're around for the ride.

Here's to the next 730 days of sea stars and checkered battercakes.

Seems appropriate, doesn't it? Two donuts to celebrate two years of starfish and waffles for me and the editor, who's pictured above. As you can see, the editor couldn't resist chomping into a maple dip before we finished our photoshoot ... but hey, with donuts being as delicious as they are, who could blame him?


  1. oh! looks like another jones soda label coming up!

  2. Congrats on the two years. It's an accomplishment. I've only blogged for 5 months and already I think I'm done.

    I raise a donut (not really, maybe a piece of apple) to you and the editor. Congrats!

  3. m ... I hadn't thought of it, but maybe we will submit the donut picture to Jones Soda, since for some reason, they still haven't decided to print the cupcakes picture yet!

    Zoe ... Thank you! Already done after five months? Hmmm, maybe you just need a good, long blog vacation ...

  4. Perhaps you are correct. I need a blog vacation, maybe Greece.

    What's wrong with the Jones Soda people? The cupcake picture was too cute.

  5. Wow. Two years. That is a long time. So how do you keep your posts fresh?

    Congrats! two years is a wonderful thing :)

    (the maple donut looks so great. I have to go buy myself one now)

  6. Dingobear,
    I'm happy to be here on this, most joyous day: your second blogiversary. Last year's party was such a bash, I thought I'd come back this year.

    Is it only me, or does it not appear that the editor has just taken a dip in the pool? Is there some skinny dipping going on at this celebration?

  7. Zoe ... Greece sure would be nice. Say, I dunno, Crete. I don't know what's wrong with the Jones Soda people ... could it be they're blacklisting the editor because he says "pop"? Discrimination!!!

    Katie ... Thanks. Not sure how I've managed to keep the posts fresh, but I suppose I have no choice. If I don't, the editor will maul and bite me. He can be a real bear sometimes. (haha)

    -c ... Thanks, of course it isn't a real starfish and waffles party unless you're around. Hmmm, I'm not sure why the editor looks sort of shaggy ... skinny dipping? It's quite possible. We like to live it up around here.