Friday, March 02, 2007

pop star

The last time we tried to play the role of peacemaker in the controversial soda vs. pop question, we reignited a firestorm of debate and nearly started a civil war. (Oops). Well, that was thirteen months ago ... and we figure it's about time we give peace another chance. Why? Because we love our sugary and bubbly soft drinks, that's why!

Whether in Kyoto or California, the respected editor of felix's daily starfish and waffles loves his Jones Soda Root Beer. Help put his cute, cuddly face on the label of a Jones Soda near you, by following the instructions below.

Ok, fine, we admit it: here at starfish and waffles, we call our soft drinks "pop," not "soda." But that doesn't mean we harbour any hostility toward the other side. In fact, one of our favourite soft drink brands is Jones Soda and, quite frankly, we don't care that the company chooses not to call itself Jones Pop.

So whether you like to refer to your soft drink as "pop", "soda" or, God-forbid, "Coke", we urge you to cease fire and mend fences, now!

To show you we're serious, we're extending this plea for peace beyond the realm of blogosphere and campaigning for the editor of starfish and waffles to appear on a label of Jones Soda. Can you imagine the groundbreaking implications if this were to happen? The famous editor of starfish and waffles, who calls his soft drink "pop", appearing on a label of Jones SODA!! This mega-offering of an olive branch would shock the world into peace - we're sure of it.

But to make it all happen, we need your help. The good people over at Jones Soda can't put the editor on a label unless they know we've submitted a photo of him, and they'll never know unless you vote for our submission. To do that, click on the photo below, and vote generously for the editor. Then, come back again the next day and do it all over again.

Click on the photo, vote, and join the Coalition for Soft Drink Peace by helping to put the editor on a label of Jones Soda.

Thank you for thinking of the children. Because by voting today, you made the world a better place and we here at starfish and waffles love* you for it. Give yourself a gold star and a round of applause!

* And yes, by "love", we totally mean it in a romantic and sexy way. Oh, baby!


  1. I love Jones Soda!! (And-yes, I call it soda) I too would love to have one of my pidtures on the label but I will vote for you too!! :)

    BTW-What the heck is your blogroll? And sure you can add me!

  2. well... I have some bad news for you.

    I tried to vote. I really did but it told me that I had already voted. Something about the IP address already being used. I don't know.

    BUT! I will try agian in the morning. with better luck. I hope.

  3. dingobear, I voted for the editor against my better judgement. I fear that the fame and publicity might one day go to his head should he be plastered on root beer bottles around the world. But, I supported him with my electoral click, nonethless. Afterall, I owe him something for having provided me with such high-quality reading for so long...

    And, for the record: it's "soda" or "coke" or "a drink" but, good lord- NOT "pop"! :)

  4. I happily voted. But I too fear that -c is correct and that the fame and publicity could be just too much to bear, especially with the plans for the media empire.

    This is one of the first steps in the master plan for world domination. Isn’t it?

  5. Rebecca ... Thanks for your vote! And by blogroll, I mean "the editor recommends" list, on which I'll include your blog as soon as my lazy self gets to it!

    Katie ... thanks for your voting efforts. Hmmm, I guess you can only vote once for your favourite Jones label submissions. What kind of a democracy is that?

    -c ... The editor wants me to reassure you, no matter how powerful and famous he gets, he will never forget his humble, Canadian boreal forest roots. However, it does concern me that you appear to be an anti-pop hardliner ... please -c, give peace a chance!

    Zoe ... Fine, we'll admit it, putting the editor on a label of Jones Soda is a part of our plans for world domination ... but I don't think you have the right to complain because, after all, you voted for it!

  6. On my first "overseas" vacation – Virgin Islands, age 10 – I walked 1.5 miles to the store, only to be told it had no soda. Huh? Noooooooo!

    I trudged back to the tent and wept in the tropical heat. My father marched me back and explained – to me and the storeowner – about synonyms for "pop".

    Six frickin miles for one lousy Coke... But lesson learned – and not one I'm like to forget.


    PS: I just called my tabby "homeslice" and I'm holding you personally responsible.

  7. Oh yes, I voted too. Then I wasted about 40 minutes examining other images.

    Great procrastination tool, this...

  8. Katie ... thanks! And, thanks!

    Homeslice (Amanda) ... preventing a repeat of your tragic tale is yet another reason for us to put the editor on a Jones label. Never again will a ten-year old child be required to walk an extra three miles for a fizzy pop / soda / Coke! However, inquiring minds want to know: did you initially ask said aforementioned Virgin Islands storeowner for a "pop", "soda", or "Coke"?

  9. I call the stuff soft drink ... that's right baby ... bring on the trash talk ... i dare you!

  10. pfffftt... soft drink. What's so "soft" about this soft drink? It sure doesn't go down soft. With all the sugar and lack of health stuff.....(yes i said stuff) i just call it carbonated diabetes in a can.

  11. I asked for "soda".

    Virgin Island storekeeper only knew "pop" and "coke" (this in a tourist enclave? Huh?).

    A real lost in translation moment...

  12. I ... you merely call it "soft drink"? Why, why, I don't even know what to say ...

    Anonymous ... mmmm, I could sure use a cold carbonated diabetes in a can right about now ...

    Amanda ... hmmm, interesting ... well, after walking six miles, I hope it was the best damn soda you've ever had. And I gotta say, your dad was a wise, wise man ... just think, he probably changed the face of soft drink politics on the Virgin Islands forever!

  13. Jones Soda is the official non-alcoholic drink supplier of the Seattle Seahawks. They are the only soda/pop/soft drink you can buy at Qwest Field.

    Woo Seattle!

    I don't suppose the editor made the cut did he? Unfortunately I think this is a battle that will rage for years to come.

  14. No, to the best of my knowledge, the editor never made it onto a label of Jones Soda Root Beer.

    I tell you, sometimes democracy just doesn't work.

    But maybe it's about time that we try again to put the editor's face on a Jones near you ...