Thursday, January 25, 2007

plug 'n' play

I'm walking south down a residential street in Reykjavík, Iceland, not so much because I know where I'm going, but more to avoid facing the bone-chilling, Arctic wind which is howling at my back. Sure, it's supposed to be spring - but when you're in the northernmost capital city in the world, it's wise to adjust your expectations accordingly.

In Reykjavík, Iceland, funky statues can pop up at any turn. (2006). I took this photo with my Olympus SP-310 on a cold, May morning. For other posts on my trip to the North Atlantic last year, click here.

Still, as I put my hood up to cover my ears, I can't help bitterly muttering to myself: "Next time, how about picking a warm-weather country to visit?" You see, sometimes I'm about as brilliant as a guy who, well, bitterly mutters to himself. Umm, yeah.

Anyway, I keep shivering down the road and, eventually, I happen to stumble upon a captivating, unmarked statue. I'm immediately intrigued. Who created it? Where did it come from? Why is it here?

I need answers! But it soon becomes apparent that I have none.

Completely defeated by this mystery, I drop to my knees and cry to the heavens, "Oh, won't somebody please send me a sign!!" ...

Now, if I were a real travel writer, I'd be able to finish the above story without you falling asleep. But, alas, I am not a real travel writer. As a result, the editor has ordered me back to school and signed me up for Amanda Castleman's online travel writing course, over at

If I manage to successfully graduate without getting myself kicked out of class first, will it mean I have become a real-life, travel writer? Probably, no. But that's ok since becoming a travel writer isn't the ultimate goal - all I really want is to be able to impersonate a travel writer. Besides, if the course ends up being half as much fun as Amanda's blog, I figure it'll be worth the price of admission. I'll let you know how it all turns out in the end.


  1. Congrats on the taking the course. I'm sure it will be a success for you and the editor. I can see it.

    I love the statue.

  2. that is a great statue. I love it. I'll have to look it up now and see if I can find anything about the artist.

    good luck with your course! your such a good writer already it will only help to improve your skills. :)

  3. Zoe ... thanks, I'm really looking forward to the course - should be interesting, a bit challenging, and a nice change of pace. I think it's a great statue, too.

    Katie ... thanks for the compliment! And let me know if you find any info on the statue.

    Rebecca ... haha, great profile pic.

  4. I think you will make a superb Impersonating travel writer! Being as that I plan on doind with my life as well, maybe we can work together sometimes. You know, more credibility in numbers:)

  5. Thank you, -c! Hmmm, that's an interesting arrangement you seem to be proposing ... let's further explore this, I think we could be great partners-in-crime!

  6. I'm not a travel writer, but I play one on TV...

    OK, I lie. I earn enough at this racket for coffee and cashmere.

    Glad you made the class, DB! It filled freakishly early this term, so we're debating between double sessions or a wait-list.

    See you at "school" – Amanda

  7. Hi, teacher! I'm glad I made the class, too ... but if there's another class where you get to learn how to play a travel writer on TV, can I transfer into that one instead? Because I definitely think I have what it takes to be a big TV star!

    Haha, seriously though, I'm looking forward to the class - it'll be fun.