Monday, January 01, 2007

new year housekeeping

For better or for worse, on this first day of 2007, I've completely converted felix's daily starfish and waffles over to the new Blogger. After much frustration and tinkering with HTML code, I think I've finally managed to make this blog look, more or less, like it did before. Please do let me know if anything looks a bit funny or completely out of whack (especially those of you out there on Windows / Internet Explorer setups). Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year.

Nothing says Happy New Year like a pair of red tulips growing like weeds on a non-descript Swedish lawn. Ok, so maybe that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but hey, around here, it doesn't always have to. Happy 2007!


  1. The tulips are beautiful... looking forward to those in the spring for sure. I'm so tired of winter.

  2. Congratulations on making it fully into the blogger beta world. The page looks outstanding (to be honest, I notice very little difference, because I'm forgetful like that).

    And, yes, lovely tulips! (Man... that sounds like a bad pick-up line I once got...)

  3. Thank you. Happy New Year to you also! (beautiful picture)

  4. Does it hurt your feelings to tell you that I cannot tell ANY difference?

    Sigh...guess I don't pay much attention!

  5. Katie ... I'm looking forward to spring, too. When you live in Canadian latitudes, the long hours of darkness really wear on you. I need out of here to a warm, sunny location!

    -c ... Thanks -c, have you converted over to beta yet? (I'm happy to hear that you notice little difference because I want it to look like it did before). And, haha, you and your pickup lines ... the next time I try one on you, I'll remember not to suggest anything involving tulips ... :D

    Michelle ... Thanks for stopping in. Good luck to you in your 2007 endeavours!

    Shawn Michaels ... Actually, no, I'm happy you can't tell any difference! When I first converted starfish and waffles over, the page looked horrible - all of my photos were cut in half.