Saturday, January 20, 2007

empire state

Truth be told, when me and the editor started starfish and waffles a couple of years ago, we didn't do it just so we could post a couple of travel photos, share a few recipes, and present you with scenes from My Simulated Reality TV Life. We did it, in fact, to launch our own media empire and ... well, we needed to start somewhere.

The quiet streets of San Francisco's financial district early in the morning on New Year's Day, 2005. See the beautiful office buildings? One day, the powerful starfish and waffles media empire will own all of them. This, people, is inevitable. But try to act surprised when it happens.

The most exciting thing about the path to conquering one's very own media empire? Oh, it's so many things ... the notoriety ... the riches ... the women ... but most of it all, it gives you the opportunity to call yourself a media mogul. Haha, "mogul." I love that word.

But to be a media mogul, you need to own some real estate and, in blogosphere, what real estate is more valuable than a cogent dot com address? So, with corporate charge card in hand, we recently purchased the rights to and at an incredible price (what can I say, the editor is an amazing negotiator) and, the history of the business world was forever changed!

So go ahead, try out the new addresses, and update your bookmarks. Today, the starfish and waffles empire is smiling down on you.

P.S. Yes, I know I'm obnoxious. But admit it: this is yet another reason why you love me! :-)


  1. cool photo - I look forward to the empire. As a media mogul, can you please abolish red lights?

  2. Excellent! Excellent! Now no one can buy starfish and waffles and dingobear for pennies and try to sell it to you for millions! Let the empire begin ... look out world! Congrats!

  3. Congrats! That is so great! you are on your way to being a mogul! Good for you! lol.

  4. Zoe ... I'll see what I can do about the red lights. You may find this hard to believe, but I'm aware of people who have been known to completely ignore red lights. Can you imagine?

    M ... Thank you. Yes, owning the rights to and are cornerstones of our long-term business strategy and me and the editor are very, very pleased.

    Katie ... Thank you. Yes, I am on my way to becoming a mogul and when the day comes, oh, will it be sweet.

  5. I am a first-time visitor. I just randomly entered "", since those are my two favorite things, and I was led here. What a great blog!

    Actually, that first part was a lie. But I still think it's a great blog.

  6. Greg ... thanks for complement and for stopping in.