Thursday, December 14, 2006


The architecturally-acclaimed town church of Vík, Iceland. (2006). If God exists, I believe He or She would choose to hang out here on Sunday afternoons.

I peered across the choppy waters of the North Atlantic to the edge of the horizon and determined, as a matter of fact, that the world was, indeed, flat.

"The world is flat," I announced, to no one in particular.

And, no one in particular talked back.

Satisfied, I sat down on the black sand, folded my arms over my knees, and rested my chin on top.

Sometimes, things are so blindingly obvious they simply can't be wrong.

Fine, black volcanic sand graces the shoreline upon which Vík, Iceland, is perched. (2006). If you waded into the water and swam due south from here, you would not reach land again until you washed ashore Antarctica. (That would be a long swim).


  1. World is flat, huh? Well I guess I'll just have to take your word for it. What do you think happens when you reach the edge? Would you fall off?

    What would be beyond?

  2. Katie, oh, you know it's true. The myth that the Earth is round has been perpetrated by evil, profit-driven, mulitnational globe manufacturers for far too long now, and I, for one, am speaking out against the conspiracy!

    And yes, I think it's obvious that when you reached the edge, you would fall off. What else could happen? As for your question about what lies beyond, the answer is another dimension, of course. This, is scientifically proven.

    Haha, wow, everyone must think I'm pretty weird.

    Well, it's true - deal with it.


  3. Since you know the truth you should corner the market now and make millions selling flat models of the world. Over throw the globe manufacturers!

    Well I want to go off the edge and into the other dimension. Maybe they eat ice cream for dinner. Wait! I do that now! Maybe they have something better.

    Hey! Guess what! I'm going to tag you! you have to do the 6 weird things about yourself. But only if you want to. It's not like I know where you live or anything.

  4. Hmmm, flat models of the world ... that's an interesting business idea ...

    Sorry, my editor has very strict rules against me participating in any online tag activities here at starfish and waffles, and would probably fire me if I were ever in violation. Therefore, but I'm going to have to politefully decline. (But thanks).

  5. Hey, black sand don't lie.

    (Now, paisly, polka-dotted sand, on the other hand, might claim that the earth operates on simultaneously flat and multi-dimensional+time principles...)

    But, the sand don't eva lie, yo!

  6. Fo' shizzle, -c!