Monday, November 13, 2006

upsetting the apple cart

Flip, flip, flip. Do you hear that? That's the sound of calendar pages accelerating by, while life settles into a constant loop of routine. Quack, quack, quack. Hear that? That's the sound of a duck. Ok, so ducks have nothing to do with this post, but sometimes it's fun to make quacking noises. I never did promise this post was going to make any sense, see.

Presenting the warm, soothing Applejack. The shrewd editor of felix's daily starfish and waffles knows a good November drink when he sees one, and he'll stop at nothing (not even apples) to get himself a mugful.

Now where were we ... right, routine. Routine, in and of itself, doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Routine is familiar. And familiar can be comfortable. Like my Sunday evenings the past month or so, which have all approximately gone like this ...

Every Sunday, after watching the late NFL game on TV, I make a beeline to the cozy Starbucks down the street for my weekly infusion of chai tea latté, which nowadays seems to cost about $12 a trip. And, every Sunday, the same cute girl with the auburn hair and high cheekbones makes me my latté behind the counter. I smile. She smiles. Then she says with army efficiency, "Tall Tazo Chai, enjoy your night." I smile. She smiles. And then I sit down and go about my Sunday evening business, which usually consists of reading a book or working on my next starfish and waffles post.

So what's the point of this story? I don't know, in this Seinfeld of a post, there probably isn't a point. Maybe next week, I'll ask the Starbucks girl out. Now that would be upsetting the apple cart. Haha, "upsetting the apple cart." I love that phrase.

8 to 9 oz. Apple Juice
1.5 oz. Canadian Whisky
3 dashes Cinnamon
1 Cinnamon Stick

Pour the apple juice into a coffee mug. Microwave until piping hot (45 seconds does it in my Radiation King, but your microwave may differ). Measure in the whisky. Dash the cinnamon. Stir with a cinnamon stick. Drink up!

A warm, soothing Applejack is somewhat akin to an apple cider - except it's way less lame. So, for a less lame way to cuddle up in front of the fireplace on a cold November evening, well, you know what to do. Enjoy!

Just can't get enough of your favourite starfish and waffles drink recipes? Check out the politically-charged Canada Citrus Crush and the ethincally-inspired Shamrockhopper for more original ways to get yourself absolutely sloshed. You boozehound, you.

P.S. Please drink responsibly, boozehound.


  1. The Applejack sounds delicious! For those of us without fireplaces, is it acceptable to snuggle up beside the electric wall heater?

    Also, the smiley starbucks girl should DEFINITELY be asked out! I once went out with a guy who asked me on a date across a cafeteria counter. After only one polite rejection, I said yes, and had a good time. Even if she says no, it will make her day! And, even if she says no once, doesn't mean it's not worth a second attempt:)

  2. It's perfectly acceptable, -c! There are few things in this world more romantic than snuggling up beside the electric wall heater ... so toasty and warm ...

    As for the Starbucks girl, if she smiles at me the right way, maybe I will!

  3. Hey dingobear,

    Sorry, my netiquette sucks. Belatedly, can I add you to my blogroll? You most surely can add me if you so desire.

  4. Your editor gets cuter and cuter with age.

    Starbucks girl, eh? Definite possibilities ... I wonder if she will appear on your simulated reality life show ... that would be awesome!

  5. Cori ... Hi there, you're now officially blogrolled on starfish and waffles.

    M ... You're right, the editor is a cute little bear. He's tough with deadlines, though.

  6. dingo,

    you should ask starbucks girl to coffee. that would be a seinfeld moment...actually more of a george moment.

    jerry: you asked a girl who works at starbucks to go out for coffee???

    george: i was nervous! it was the first thing that came out of my mouth!

    jerry: hey, i know a real looker who works at the bank. why don't you ask her out to the atm.

  7. Eddie, hahaha! That's definitely Seinfeld-esque dialogue.

    However, I'm somewhat embarassed to admit that I am occasionally prone to doing stupid things, and asking a girl who works at Starbucks out for coffee isn't beyond the realm of possibility in my twisted world.

  8. Hmmm, Dingobear, I don't know.

    I only waitressed one night, undercover on assignment (and boy, howdy, was I bad at it). But I think, on the whole, servers don't like flirtation at work.

    See: Best of Craigslist: From Your Waitress

    Specifically paragraph four.

    Maybe work on being cute and regular, then let her do the asking?

  9. go on and ask the girl out. I worked as a waitress and you know what? It was great when someone noticed me at work. Plus I bet your cute so how could she say no?

    but if she does say no, will you have to go to another starbucks?

  10. But Amanda, since I possess a level of cuteness that can only be described as astrononmical, I fear that I may already be too intimidating for Starbucks girl to ask out. Therefore, if I followed your plan, nobody would be asking anybody out, and that would be a tragedy. Tell you what, I'll make you a compromise: I promise I won't stare at her boobs while I'm asking her out.


  11. Katie, I agree with your assessment of my cuteness (haha) but who knows? Maybe she already has a boyfriend or is married or something. That theme would be consistent with seemingly all of the girls I'm meeting lately.

    You're right though, if she says no, I hope it doesn't mean I'll need to find a new Starbucks. I suppose I do live downtown and there are, like, five other Starbucks I could frequent, but I kinda like the one I go to now.

  12. Overall, I think not-boob-staring is a good asking-out technique. You're almost always on safe grounds there, unless the lady in question is hyped on new implants or something...

    Just promise us a full report, whatever happens, eh?

    Good luck, Ax.

  13. You've got it Amanda, I'll let you all know what happens.