Saturday, November 18, 2006

taking the plunge

Take the plunge down Skógafoss in Skógar, Iceland. (2006). Actually, you probably shouldn't take my advice literally because, by throwing yourself down a powerful Icelandic waterfall, you could seriously hurt yourself. And I wouldn't want that because if you were seriously hurt, you probably wouldn't be able to log onto your computer and read starfish and waffles. And, quite frankly, I want you reading starfish and waffles because I need your attention - yes, it's true, I really am that shallow! Admit it - this is the reason why you love me.

The other night, Blogger somehow tricked me into converting to Blogger Beta, and now there's no going back. Unfortunately, along the way, dingobear:miami, the sister site of starfish and waffles, became a casualty of the conversion. D:M ... we'll miss you ... *sniff, sniff* ... may you rest in peace.

But we do have some positive news: like a good parent who immediately replaces his or her child's recently-deceased puppy with a new dog that looks and barks just like the old one, I've set up a new blog, dingobear photography. As you might expect, it's pretty much a pictures-only photo blog. So for those of you who always secretly hated my writing or only frequented starfish and waffles to steal my pictures, you now have a new place to go. You haters! (And thieves).


  1. yup, that's why we love you. because you need us:)
    Sorry about your sister site, but the new one looks good!

  2. See -c (haha, hey, that rhymes), you get it. And thanks for the complement about the photography site ... as you and I both know, if there's anything as important as getting attention, it's looking good!

    Haha, wow, I'm obnoxious. (Good thing I'm good-looking).

  3. What is this "beta" version you speak of?

    I haven't crossed mine over yet, mainly because the U.N. makes more effective and unanimous decisions in the length of time that lapses between me updating my blog.

  4. TSM, Blogger beta is the "new" Blogger. Though it has some decent features, I'm also finding it's a little bit buggy (especially if you already had a blog before they launched beta), so there's probably no rush to convert.

  5. Sorry you lost the other one! That would make me mad. :( How do you like the beta? I've heard good and bad about it. Blogger has yet to trick me into it. (but I'm sure it won't be long)

    I do love the photo, but the photo isn't the only reason I stop by... ok so it's part of it, but it's still attention right?

  6. Katie, Blogger beta isn't bad, and I'm starting to acclimatize to it better. I will say that beta definitely facilitates easier customization of page content and features, especially if you're using one of the newer "beta" templates (like I am for my dingobear photography site). A caveat though: if you convert and you've already made alot of HTML customizations to your existing template, your blog may not respond too well to some of the new beta layout and page customization features.

  7. Great pic! If I could swim...I would so be there right now.

    Sorry to hear about your other Blogger site. I have been putting off the switch for that very reason. I am so afraid that it will mess up something in the process.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, wait...Do you guys do Turkey Day in Canada? I'm thinking that, that is a silly question. Why would you? Gahh, disregard the silly American. Happy November 23rd!

  8. Hi Rebecca, thanks! Actually, we do celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, it's just on a different day. (Canadian Thanksgiving is on the first Monday of October and always falls on the same day you Americans celebrate Columbus Day). But that said, Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope there was lots of turkey at your house.

    (Gobble, gobble!)