Wednesday, November 08, 2006

aperture 3am

It's kind of hard to tell because I'm pretty sure I had the aperture and shutter speed all wrong, but the snow was literally coming down in silver dollar-sized clumps when I snapped this photo a couple of hours ago. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (2006). Those who know me know that winter is my least favourite season, so I'll only admit to this once: snow is pretty when it's falling late at night and there's no one else but you who's around to experience it.

Sometime around 8pm, I fell asleep after what had been an exhausting day at work. Immediately, I began to dream ... of scraggly olive trees, island breezes, and sapphire-blue Mediterranean waters. I was skipping from rock to rock along the jagged edge of a wayward Maltese shoreline, trying hard to keep my balance because, for some reason, I happened to be eating a peach(!). Leading the way in front of me was a smiling brunette, who must have been pretty, in an apple-green sun dress with straps that made a delicate 'x' across the soft skin of her upper back. Actually, because her face was turned away from me, I couldn't tell for sure that she was smiling, but somehow I just knew that she was. Because anyone with me who was skipping from rock to rock along the jagged edge of a wayward Maltese shoreline should be smiling.

For a second, I wondered if the pretty, smiling brunette was the fictional Bridgette of My Simulated Reality TV Life, and when I wondered what I did, it suddenly occurred to me that she couldn't be so, and thus neither could the scraggly olive trees, island breezes, and sapphire-blue Mediterranean waters ...

I awoke to find a blizzard outside the window of my downtown apartment. I checked my alarm clock. 1:21am. You know what? A logical mind and a dreamy soul simply don't mix.

P.S. Because of tonight, I'm thinking of taking a trip to Malta. Anyone want to come?


  1. I would love to go to Malta! My personal mission would be to get to Comino island. Though it has a population of only 3 people, it's supposed to have spectacular snorkeling!
    Oh man, you'll have my head in travel books all evening now...

  2. That photo is SO beautiful! It's still pretty warm where I am and I want snow so bad!

  3. -c ... Snorkelling in the lagoon on Comino would be an absolute dream! As would the baroque architecture of Valetta, the rows of wild poppies and thyme on Gozo, the salty air of the Mediterranean ... -c, I really have to get myself to Malta. And really, you should come - I don't travel enough with expert, veteran travellers.

    Katie ... Yes, snow is kinda beautiful but it's also cold! Right about now, I wish I were somewhere warm and sunny. If you want to see snow, you should visit Canada more often.

  4. So when are you planning on getting to these mediterranean shores? I'll keep my eyes peeled on my favorite cheap airline deal sites. Unfortunately, this seasoned travel is a bit of a broke hobo right now... :)

  5. In the New Year, say, maybe February? Unfortunately for people like you and me who are situated in our particular region of North America, it seems like it's a long (and expensive) flight to almost everywhere. Let me know if you find any great deals!

  6. I'll let you know if I find anything good. I'm currently looking to do some cheap, backpacking-style traveling in a warm location for a few weeks in January...

    PS- What's this Beta Biz about?

  7. Doing some backpacking in a warm locale for a few weeks in January sounds like a pretty good plan. (Ideally, I'd like to get away in January too but there's little chance work would let me go during our office's busiest month). Have you given much thought about where you would like to go?

    On the whole Beta fiasco ... when I logged into Blogger the other night, I saw this link that said something like "Switch to the new version of Dashboard! More stable and more secure." Little did I know that when I followed the links, I was agreeing to switch my account to Blogger Beta, the "new" Blogger in which all new Blogger accounts are now created. After I switched, I got this message saying that I wouldn't be able to comment on "Classic Blogger" blogs anymore - which was something I didn't know was part of the deal! Blogging would be a whole lot less fun if I couldn't comment on your blog and others' like Long Division's anymore, so I had to try out a test comment on your site. I'm glad that commenting on "classic" blogs still works.

    All that said, Beta isn't bad - it does allow for easier customization of your template and page layout and all that. Problem is, if you've done any HTML customization to the template in your existing blog (like I had done here at starfish and waffles and at my old test site, dingobear: miami), Beta can really muck things up. You'll notice that while S&W came out relatively unscathed, dingobear: miami was messed up beyond repair and I had to delete it. I've since replaced it with a new photo blog, dingobear photography. Check my profile if you want to take a look.

  8. cheers for the beta info! So far the beta salesman hasn't hit me up yet.

    no, don't really know where I want to go yet. I think I'll probably take a spin-the-globe-and-point kind of approach (which may mean letting a cheap airflight determine my paradise)... But, oh how I love the tortuous and wonderful process of planning a trip!

  9. No worries, -c, anytime.

    I agree, the planning and anticipation of a good trip is always exciting and fun. But since you haven't decided on where to go yet, I'm going to help out by closing my eyes and randomly pointing to a location on the big world map I have on my wall ... ok, hold on a sec ...

    And the verdict is ... Rand McNally! I've never been but according to my map, it's a very rectangular, medium-sized country just southwest of Australia. You should go! It sounds exotic ...

  10. I've never been to Canada. I have a friend coming down in Jan. and I'm hoping to fly back with her. I would love some snow. I know it's cold... but in Oklahoma you just don't get a lot of it.

  11. Well, I would recommend visiting my home country at any time of the year, and there'd definitely be snow in January. I see what you mean about Oklahoma though - I bet falling snowflakes are few and far between in those parts.