Wednesday, September 06, 2006

you can('t) go home again

"Have you booked your vacation yet?"


"Ok, I'll ask you again in an hour."

My hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. (2006). Though not without its problems, the city of a quarter million people remains a pretty place from a number of angles. The castle-like building in the picture above is the Bessborough Hotel, which was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway as a make-work project during the Depression-era 1930's.

Every morning for approximately the last eight weeks, I've had that very conversation with my direct supervisor. Obviously, work has been strongly hinting that I take more time off, probably because they fear I'm starting to burn out. Secretly, though, I just think they want to get rid of me. If it's the latter, I guess I can't blame them - I'm so good-looking that it has to be distracting for all of my co-workers, and that can't be good for office productivity.

In any event, I finally buckled at my boss' demands and decided to take this entire week off. However, this time, I didn't have an exciting European getaway (Hello, Iceland!) at my fingertips so, instead, I decided to go to ... Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ... my hometown.

I left Saskatoon ten years ago, at age 18. Every time I come back, it feels a bit like stepping into a time machine - a strange mix of the vaguely familiar and broken thoughts of what things might have been like had I never left in the first place.

I guess this isn't exactly groundbreaking but on this day, it's all I've got. I suppose things are what they are and, sometimes, life simply is, and there's no use in trying spin it otherwise.

In related news, remember this post? They just called me about my ten-year high school reunion - apparently, it's now taking place Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (that's Columbus Day weekend, for you Americans). Nine months hence, I still haven't decided if I'm going to show up or not.

Sunset over the Victoria Bridge and South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (2006). "Saskatchewan is so flat, you can watch your dog run away for a week!" ... or so the joke goes, about the province's featureless topography. The silver lining, however, is really great sunsets that hang onto the horizon longer than anywhere else.


  1. Wow, Saskatoon looks just as good as any exotic European vacation! ( 'exotic' even allowed to hang out with 'Europe' in sentences anymore...?)

    And, I have to say, you've got what sounds to be an idyllic job with an angelic boss! I'm still looking for the employment that will have my superiors begging my to spend a few weeks in an African village. Maybe my good looks are not quite the threat that yours are. I wouldn't be surprised:)

    and re: Reunion. Do it! ...if only to tell your blogging peeps the exciting tales!

  2. It's gotta be the good looks, what else could it be? They just want to get rid of you for a time so all those women stop drooling over you and your cubicle! ..... Ah, Saskatoon .... there is no place like home!

  3. -c ... I think that's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that Saskatoon is just as good as any European vacation ... and I'm not even going to comment on the "idyllic job" with the "angelic boss." As for your looks, I don't buy that - after all, it's common knowledge that you're hot! We'll see about the reunion. Yes, it would be interesting to write about but something tells me getting away from work that weekend will be tough as things at the office get busier from here on in.

    m ... When people look at me, they think it must be great being young, successful, and good-looking. Well, to that, I say: it is! Haha, I'm such an ass. Good thing I'm good-looking.

  4. Okay, you HAVE to go to your reunion. I missed mine, and since then I've had bizarre high school dreams in which I eat steak fingers in the school cafeteria wearing a push-up bra over my choir dress.

  5. Hi LD, haha, that's quite a visual ... and almost enough incentive for me to actually go to the reunion.

    Mmmmm, school cafeteria steak fingers.

  6. LD is hilarious! That's quite the visual that was given ....I think you have to go to your reunion now .... who wants to be plagued with dreams like that, but hey, whatever tickles your fancy .... I guess :)

  7. DOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT! Get your ass to that reunion. 10 years is a long time to be away from people like SD who schoooled you in lunchtime basketball! ;) I'm working on a petition that says you should attend. If you don't, I'm forming a posse and we are going Fee-hunting!

    ....seriously :|

  8. Haha, nice to have you drop in SD. I want to see this petition! Well, maybe I'll see you in a few weeks ... and we'll see who schools who in b-ball!