Tuesday, September 26, 2006

south of why

Looking south across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco from Merrin County, California. (2005). I took this photo with my Olympus Stylus 35mm on a foggy, misty, January afternoon.

I walked across the bridge to the other side and did exactly what you're not supposed to do: I looked back. But, by then, it was too late and I couldn't see anything because of the thick layer of fog which had drifted in from the sea. Without waiting for it to lift, I left.

A long while later, I wondered if I had been foolishly impatient. Had I just stayed a little longer, maybe what I was hoping to see would have been looking right back at me.

But, by now, it's far too south of why to care. Or, at least, it should be.


  1. Or maybe you saw just what the universe intended you to see: incredible, foggy horizons with beautiful winks....

    Is it really easier NOT to care what goes on in distant directions? I PREFER to wonder about such things...

    like that foreign country of Canada, for instance....

    what do they actually DO up there?

  2. Are you sure what you had seen was fog and not pollutant hanging in the air chasing after you?

    Now just listen....

    "I left my heart in San Francisco.."


  3. -c ... Oh, I totally agree with you - wondering about what goes on beyond the space of right here, right now is desirable ... important even. It's just that agreeing, or accepting, what the universe intends for you can be contentious and difficult. And sometimes you get tired of wondering why things are the way they are. As for what we're doing up in Canada ... oh, you know, the usual ... wrestling polar bears, drinking maple syrup, losing our teeth from wayward hockey pucks, and doing some final maintenance on our igloos before winter sets in! :)

    dingolar ... Nope, it was fog. I can't say I left my hear in SF but I do miss all of the great photo ops the Bay Area presented for me while I was there.

  4. By the way -c, why am I having so much trouble posting comments on your blog? I think your painting is an instant masterpiece! Hallelujah to the Almighty Platypus!

  5. glad to hear my suspicions about wayward hockey pucks and last-minute igloo-preparations are sustained...!

    Cheers for the praise of the cardboard piece! Expect to see a lot more now that I feel comfortable posting random photos!

  6. Awesome, -c. Looking forward to peeking through more of Up the Creek's picture windows!

  7. great picture...

    and you know... maybe there wasn't anything left for you to see, maybe you had seen everything that you were intented to. but don't listen to me.