Friday, July 07, 2006


You know, for this first week of July, I had planned on writing this really great piece that was going to successfully tie together in one cohesive post the seemingly unrelated items of Canada Day (July 1), Independence Day (July 4), a World War II veteran Royal Australian Air Force pilot, his charming wife, and a Sunday afternoon watching The Gondoliers by Gilbert & Sullivan at the Sydney Opera House. Instead, it's been such a frustrating, confusing week I can barely even string together a good sentence. So tonight, the only thing I'm going to post is my boring Canada Day fireworks photos. (I'm really sorry).

Ok, I'm off to ball hockey practice. Nothing quite like stopping a few slapshots to make oneself feel better.

Fireworks on Canada Day in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (2006). Friends Dave, Cori and Lise came over and we watched the night show from the banks of the North Saskatchewan River on a hot and balmy July 1.

More fireworks. (2006).

Even more fireworks. (2006).


  1. Although I would have loved to see how you could connect so many seemingly unrelated themes together, the pictures are pretty nice!

    Ball hockey, eh? Sounds like you're a goalie. What fun. I've tried to play some roller hockey, but unfortunately I was never able to do anything but move in one direction until knocked over. Newton's law at it's best...

  2. Thanks, -c. Did you do anything for the Fourth of July?

    Yep, ball hockey, of all things - to help out a buddy whose team is in desperate need of help in net. It's been literally 8 years since I've donned any goalie equipment, so last night was a bit of an adventure. We'll see how my first game goes later tonight ...

    Roller hockey, eh? That impresses me, because I'm someone who can neither roller blade, roller skate or ice skate. I'm some Canadian, huh?

  3. Cheer up, homeslice.

    (I've never used that term in print, but I'm so glad I did.)

  4. Penny, haha, I'm glad you did, too. You always know exactly what to say.

  5. Man, if only more people in the world could call each other homeslice...

    international diplomacy would be turned on its heels.

    I'm all for it!

    (ps- what kind of canadian can't skate on anything?! Man, you probably don't even have a maple leaf patch attached to all of your accessories! :) What a miscarriage of a national you must feel...)

  6. I completely agree, homeslice. (LD - see what you started?)

    -c, I'm embarrassed to say but you're right ... I don't even have a maple leaf sewed onto my backpack. But I love maple syrup, I swear!

  7. Ummm...BTW-What the heck is Canada Day?

  8. 1. Felix...I'm SO glad to get the credit in the photo's.

    2. Rebecca...them's fighting words! Why it's our INDEPENDENCE DAY. Okay, not's the day Canada officially became a country and we didn't have to go to war to do it.

  9. Rebecca - Thanks. About Canada Day, refer to what TSM wrote.

    TSM - Well, it's probably about time you got some credit here at starfish and waffles so it was long overdue.