Saturday, July 22, 2006

saturday outtakes

Looking through some old pictures this morning, which is something I almost never do. For no reason, thought I'd post a few of the outtakes that, in the past, have failed to make the cut here at starfish and waffles. Hope you're enjoying this hot, summery weekend wherever you are.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California. (2005). I took this photo with my Olympus Stylus 35mm at sunset after an intermittently rainy January day in the Bay Area. Actually, this photo wasn't an outtake; rather, it was part of this previous post. But I like it, so I figured I'd repost it.

Fisherman's Wharf with Alcatraz in the background, San Francisco, California. (2005). I took this shot with my Olympus Stylus 35mm on a typical serene, foggy morning in San Francisco. A traveller's tip: many of the fancy restaurants on the Wharf which charge ridiculous tourist prices for lunch and dinner turn the tables at breakfast, serving big portions for cheap.

Perth from King's Park, Western Australia. (2000). One of the most isolated large cities anyhwere in the world, Perth, with its white sand beaches and Mediterranean climate, was where I first cut my teeth at the whole independent travel thing six years ago. I took this photo with my Kodak F300 APS.

Storkyrkan, Stockholm, Sweden. (2005). Dating back to 1306, Stockholm's central cathedral holds a great deal of national religious importance. I took this photo with my Olympus SP-310.

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland. (2006). Hike behind the breathtaking waterfall of Seljalandsfoss but be careful not to lose your footing on the slippery lava rock. Photo taken with my Olympus SP-310.

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. (2002). Colourful umbrellas come out en masse as the heavens open up and rain pours down on Tokyo's upscale Ginza district. The building on the right is the Sony Building, which has displays of a mulitude of Sony products, including those that haven't been released in Japan yet. I swear I saw TVs there that had better resolution than real life. Photo taken with my Kodak F300 APS.

Knocking back some Shamrockhoppers with starfish and waffles' famed editor on St. Patrick's Day. (2006). Photo taken with my Olympus SP-310.


  1. The photos that slipped through the cracks are just as good as their more prominant brothers and sisters.

    Man, I can't believe our editor is drinking on the job again... I'm starting to worry about the little fella...

  2. Thanks, -c. As for our editor, he wanted me to tell you not to worry ... because he's a bear, he has very good tolerance and is, therefore, fine. But he also wanted me to let you know he appreciates your concern.

  3. Great pictures! I'm so envious of your globetrotting life!

  4. Thanks, LD. You're envious of my globetrotting life? Well, I'm definitely envious of your upcoming extended excursion to one of the world's great cities. Have a great time!