Monday, July 10, 2006

gold is shiny

The insomnia, writer's block, and run on my sanity continues. If this keeps up, felix's daily starfish and waffles is going to turn into exclusively a photo blog and the bear is going to fire me.

Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Temple), Kyoto, Japan. (2002). I used to live on the third floor. No, that's a lie. I lived on the second floor. Obviously, when I took this photo, I had no idea how to take good photos - note the unfortunately placed Japanese maple branch blocking the view of the pavilion. I also didn't own a very good camera ... it was a Kodak F300 APS. The Japanese love their lists, so from this picture I leave you with these three nuggets of wisdom: (1) gold is shiny (2) go to Kyoto for no other reason than because it's beautiful there, and (3) in the last four years, you've probably come alot farther than you give yourself credit for, so remind yourself of that once in awhile.


  1. Thanks for the three gems of wisdom, dude! and, you're right- Kyoto is absolutely beautiful- one of my favorite japanese cities. I wasn't all that impressed honestly with Kinkakuji, except that it was cool seeing the emperor's bansai tree that had been planted and was growing for over a hundred years. It's the only 40 ft tall bonsai I'll probably ever see...

    and, dingobear, you may have to deal with your editor's wrath, but don't worry about your readers... we love everything you post!

  2. New Development: There is a 50/50 chance that Ronnie and I will end up in Kyoto for a year, two years from now, so it felt all internet-mind-read-y that you posted this pic.

  3. -c ... thank you. Not to turn this into a cheesy lovefest or anything, but your words mean alot especially given the rollercoaster week or so I've had. I'm sure glad you stumbled onto my blog way back when. I thought Kinkaku-ji was simply magnificent the crisp November day I was there ... it seemed perfect, all of the Japanese maples were in full fall foliage and there weren't too many tourists present to mess up the view. And I didn't know the fact about the Emperor's bonsai tree! Is the tree actually in my picture?

    Long Division ... really? Kyoto? Now that is kind of an uncanny coincidence. Well, if you do end up moving there, you'll love it. Kyoto is absolutely gorgeous. And if you're loving the sushi here in North America, just wait 'til you try it in Japan ... it's simply out of this world.

  4. Hmm, #3 on your list is rather interesting...seems I may have been saying that to someone I know for quite sometime. Advice is only good if you would take it yourself!