Tuesday, June 27, 2006

midnight in a perfect world

Medborgarplatsen (Citizen's Square), Stockholm, Sweden. (2005). I took this blurry photo on a rainy, dreamy early morning last November while wandering the streets of Stockholm's Södermalm district. Can't remember now if I was coming or going, which, for me, doesn't seem to be an uncommon occurence these days.

A glimpse, nothing more.

It's midnight in a perfect world.

Shadow's rendition is spinning in the distant background but the emanating waves are subdued by the night air, which has become sweltering in these dying days of June.

Beyond the dimmed light of my living room, colours flash on a television set with the sound turned so low that there are only murmurs, softly droned.

I look to my left, beyond the windowsill, and into the darkness, which envelopes the artificial glow of the city below.

It's quiet.

I blink.

And look to my right, where she sleeps.

With eyes gently closed and the trace of a smile.

I think.

And dream.

About the longest eyelashes I've ever seen.

The beauty that they give and the beauty they perceive.

And I think, and dream.

Of the day I told her.

That I loved her so.

And smile, eyes closed.

Eyes open.

With Shadow's subdued rendition spinning in the background of the sweltering heat in these dying days of June.

With flashes of colour from my TV set, sound turned low so there are only murmurs, droned.

I look to my left, at the luminosity of city below.

And I look to my right ...

It's midnight in a perfect world.

A glimpse, nothing more?


  1. I really enjoyed this post!
    Maybe it:s the seattle air, the screaming singers open-miking it here at the hostel behind me, or the beer...
    Cheers, dingobear!

  2. Cheers to you too, -c! How are you enjoying Seattle? One of these days, you're going to have to come visit us here in Canada.

  3. Sorry for the delayed response--nice post, nice picture, and it sounds like you really took a lot away from your recent vacation.

  4. Hi LD, thanks. Don't know if I really took a lot away from my vacation or not. My head may be clearer, but my stomach's been churning for a month now. I do wish a few things were different.

  5. Was there a dog there? It would have made it even more perfect. Woof, woof.