Friday, May 12, 2006

cupcake redux

Not just because we love cupcakes. But also because I turn 28 today.

Cupcakes make the world a better place. This May 12, shelve your inhibitions and celebrate the Feast Day of St. Dingobear, patron saint of the cupcake, by eating 28 of your favourite frosted microcakes.


  1. HAPPY 28th!

    You will be left dumbfounded this evening when a man wearing nothing jumps out of your birthday cake, only to be followed seconds later by half a dozen police officers who, one by one, exit the triple-chocolate dessert in pursuit of the nude offender.

    Maybe they're little, tiny cupcake-sized men.

  2. Long Division, I'm happy to report that no little, tiny cupcake-sized men jumped out of my cupcakes last night. (I didn't know you were a horoscope writer as well!)

  3. I actually stole that horoscope. Italics=stealing.

    Hope your birthday was great! Even without the little nude man.

  4. Happy b-day dingobear!

    I had a present for you, but sadly it escaped last night.
    darn titanium cages just aren't built like they used to be...