Thursday, April 20, 2006

in search of björk

Work is sending me to Boston in May. Being the highly logical thinker that I am (haha, right), I figured it would be wrong for me to go all the way to Boston without also making a stop in ... Iceland. So I booked a non-refundable ticket to Reykjavík last night. Yes! I'm going to Iceland, people!

The rumours are true: I'm going on assignment to Iceland. Trip to be financed by the usurious sharks at Visa.

I'm not exactly sure why I felt the need to announce this on starfish and waffles but, hey, I'm excited. These days, it seems like I work only to travel ... and I haven't done any of that since Sweden last November.

First order of business when I get to Reykjavík: find Björk and convince her to open for our new band in Singapore. So ... does anyone have her number?


  1. OMG! I'm equal parts happy for you and jealous! Iceland is my dream destination! I want a full report.

    I totally lost Bjork's number. I'm sure you can look it up in the phonebook when you get there. How many Bjork's can there be in Iceland?

  2. Wow. There are a TON of HOT blondes in Iceland.

    Great choice! :thumbsup:

  3. Long Division ... I'm extremely excited to be going. Iceland promises to be such a different kind of excursion ... I imagine it to be a place where you end up leaving with nothing less than a sense of wonder. As for Bjork, you know, you're right - she shouldn't be very difficult to find in the phonebook. Apparently, the phonebook in Reykjavik lists everyone by their first name!

    Team Shawn Michaels ... Yes, there are many, many, many beautiful women in Iceland. Many. Yes. Yes!!