Sunday, January 29, 2006


This being Sunday, you'd think that I'd already have been well into my weekend. Instead, I'm going into the office this morning - again. Meh, I need a vacation. Somebody, get me outta here!

The gorgeous waters of the expansive Pacific at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California (2005). I wish I were spending my weekend here instead of at the office. I took this photo with my Olympus Stylus 35mm last January (on a day I wasn't at the office).


  1. Beautiful picture! You're quite the photographer, dingobear!

    Don't worry-I'm on my way to get you out of the office now. I'll be running interference while a team of squad men, dressed as German bar maids slip in and escort you out through the vents.

  2. Hey -c, where were you and your cross-dressing SWAT team? I was held hostage at the office all day! Haha, in any event, I do appreciate the effort, so thanks. :)

  3. Beautiful picture! I used to live a couple of hours from there. (I don't miss California-But I do miss San Fran.)

  4. F, sorry I couldn't get you out the other day. One of our swat team members went and blew our cover (he forgot to wear his lederhosen- dumb agent went in with nothing but a beer stein). Next time, we'll have better men on the job, though, promise!

  5. Hey there Rebecca, I've been to San Francisco only once but I can see why you would miss it ... it's such a vibrant and diverse urban environment.

    -c, you absolutely crack me up! Next time I have a dinner party, you're sitting next to me.