Thursday, January 26, 2006

under the southern cross

G'day! Fourscore and, um, 138 years ago today, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in New South Wales to begin his gubernatorial (haha, gubernatorial) career as the fledgling penal colony's inaugural governor. Though it probably didn't seem like such a momentous occasion at the time, the very first Australia Day was nevertheless born and, pretty well ever since, January 26 has been a day of celebration for our friends in the land of koalas, didgeridoos and vegemite.

From left to right, downtown Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge (2000). Of all the urban waterfronts I've seen, I still think Sydney's is the most spectacular. I took this photo with my Kodak F300 APS from the back of the ferry to Manly Beach.

Actually, I was going to bore everybody with another one of my Australia travel stories but luckily for you, it's getting quite late here tonight, so we'll have to leave it for another day. Before I sign off though, just want to wish you all a very Happy Australia Day, whether or not you're situated under the stars of the Southern Cross. If you see a kangaroo today, make sure to give it a hug!

Lazing about in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia (2000). I didn't take this photo, my friend Cathrin did. She's now at home in Sweden with her new baby girl.

Yes, I know I've posted this picture on this site before but it's the only file photo of a kangaroo and koala I have on hand, ok? Note that the bear isn't Australian but as felix's daily starfish and waffles' Editor-in-Chief, he acts as our goodwill ambassador in most of our international dealings. Happy Australia Day!


  1. You realize I'm picking your brain before I go in August, right?

  2. yeah, I wanna brain-pick too! How long were you in Oz? look forward to a story or two..
    Yup, the Editor has the kind of sweet, cuddly diplomatic face that could just as easily negotiate a kidnapping ransom release as he could debate oatmeal raisen cookie recipes with your grandma...

  3. WALKER: Texas Ranger26 January, 2006 19:10

    What are these people running from?? No! they're not running FROM, they're runnin TO the world's MOST EXTREME ELIMINATION CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Team Shawn Michaels: for sure, just let me know what you want to know before you go and I'm happy to help.

    -c: Me and my backpack were in Oz for 4+ months in 2000. In retrospect, that wasn't nearly long enough. Some (most?) days, I dream of quitting my desk job and hopping on the next flight to ... who knows? Anywhere. Haha, and yeah, our Editor is definitely a very effective diplomat. As a bear, he holds the ultimate trump card - you know, the ability to maul and eat his adversaries.

    Walker: All of those roundhouse kicks you're delivering must be affecting your brain because you're not making any sense at all!