Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the guggenheim museum dingobear

Welcome to the Guggenheim Museum Dingobear, the sixth and arguably, best, art museum in the Guggenheim* universe. Unfortunately, the Guggenheim Dingobear is not yet particularly well-known among the circles of the international fine art elite. Well, tonight, we're going to take the first steps toward changing that, as we begin to profile the extensive holdings of the museum exclusively on felix's daily starfish and waffles.

* Note: the Guggenheim Museum Dingobear is, in no shape or form, affiliated with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation of New York.

Untitled, by Unknown Artist. c. 1999-2000(?) Watercolor on cardboard. Hangs in the Pablo R. Picasso Wing of the Guggenheim Dingobear, also better known as the North wall of Felix's apartment.
Can you read Chinese script? If you can, and can translate into English for (Chinese illiterate) me the poems written alongside the dragon, you qualify to win a prize! To see the Chinese characters more clearly, click on the photo to magnify.
I acquired the above painting along with two other priceless treasures at a store in the stupendously outstanding Changi Airport, Singapore, for the princely sum of 10 Singapore dollars (that's about 7 Canadian dollars or 6 US dollars) while en route to Seoul and Vancouver from Brisbane in August 2000. Angele would frame and matte the painting for me a couple of years later. One of the things I always loved about her was her ability to see, and bring out, the beauty in things. I kinda wish I would've told her that when she was still around. Maybe next time, should our paths cross again ...


  1. Sorry, can't make out the kanji. They're too artistically-penned for my toddler reading skills...

    the picture is great, though, and yes your friend has an eye for balance and beauty. But, I'm sure you told her that, albeit without words...

  2. Hi C, well, thanks anyway - I wish I even had toddler-level kanji reading skills but alas, I do not. Now where are all of my Chinese readers when I need them?