Sunday, June 19, 2005

hey baby!

My new little nephew is one cute baby. He's cuter than you. He's maybe even cuter than me. Well, maybe. I'm pretty cute. But either way, here's a picture of the little guy at the local Burger King. Photo provided courtesy of Grandpa (not my Grandpa - his Grandpa, also known as my dad).

Saturday, June 18, 2005

iTunes music revolution

One of the best things about my new Mac is the bundled iTunes software, which has been instrumental in facilitating a personal rediscovery of my long-neglected CD collection. Whether it's coming across the computer speakers or through the stereo via my AirPort Express ... sweet, sweet music is playing in the dingobear world again - and I'm lovin' it. So in honor of this momentous occasion, what I'm going to start doing here at felix's daily starfish and waffles is reviewing, from time-to-time, some of the current album selections on my hot iTunes playlist. Enjoy.

Endtroducing ...
DJ Shadow

Quite possibly the finest electronica album of the 1990's ... this is the record that made sampling an artform. In fact, this record is 100% samples - all pulled from obscure, forgotten vinyl. As described by allmusic: "the end effect is that of a hazy, half-familiar dream - parts of the record sound familiar, yet it's clear that it only suggests music you've heard before, and that the multi-layered samples and genres create something new." My take: Endtroducing is a rich and multi-dimensional listening experience. Yeah. So there.

dingobear track selections:

6. (untitled). Short, funny segment. I probably just have a weird sense of humor, but I laugh every time.

7. Stem / Long Stem. Over nine minutes of dreamy, cinematic, epic bliss. Comparmentalized into several movements, this is the cornerstone track of the album.

8. Mutual Slump. Shades of everbody's favourite Icelander, Bjork.

13. Midnight in a Perfect World. Groovin' beat, addictive melody, haunting vocals and brilliantly mixed. Quintessential Shadow.

Diamonds on the Inside
Ben Harper

Cool. Funky. Smooth. Smart. Socially-conscious. Musically-gifted. Why isn't Ben Harper a much bigger star than he already is? The worldbeat-inspired Diamonds is Harper's best album, and that's really saying something. Pop this CD in and just press play - there isn't a single weak track here.

dingobear track selections:

3. Diamonds on the Inside. A bit of a country-western twang, which I wouldn't normally like. But here, I like.

4. Touch from Your Lust. Sexy guitar riffs make this an instant Southern rock classic.

9. Amen Omen. Great song.

11. So High So Low. Yes!

12. Blessed to Be a Witness. Gorgeous Caribbean steel drums + smooth, silky vocals = testify, St. Ben, testify!

Emm Gryner

The most criminally-underrated female pop vocalist in Canada. This talented singer-songwriter has been releasing fine work on her own indie label, Dead Daisy Records, for several years now and has numerous musical gems littered among her seven full-length albums. Asianblue - a collection of sweet, summery selections - is arguably Emm's best. Will somebody please give this young lady a Juno (Canadian Grammy)?

dingobear track selections:

1. Symphonic. Piano-driven melodies are an Emm Gryner trademark, and no song exemplifies this better than Symphonic.

2. Beautiful Things. Single. Received limited play on radio airwaves in Canada.

7. Lonestar. Yes, I know this song is sappy and sentimental. I don't care. Quit judging me! Fuck you. I love this song.

10. East Coast Angel. See comments above for Lonestar.

11. Green Goodnight. Slow, sultry sadness. Just a beautiful song.